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Studebaker parts Stephen Allen's LLC

Hours & contact

Monday thru Friday 9:00am to 5:00pm Eastern time
phone 352-472-9369/fax 352-472-6339
email: parts@mystudebaker.com

Stephen Allen’s opened it’s doors for business in 1992 in Alachua, Florida. Stephen’s first warehouse was an old tobacco storage facility. Uninsulated, the hot Florida summers would often send employees outside to cool off in the parking lot.

In 1997, Stephen Allen’s moved operations to Newberry, Florida.  The new insulated warehouses were a far cry from the old tobacco shed.  The business thrived through 2007 when Stephen decided it was time to step away from the parts business.

In the years following Stephen spent much of his time volunteering for charities that provided aide or assistance to active military & local veterans.  From shipping care packages to our servicemen & servicewomen abroad with the Military Support Group of Alachua County  to supporting The Gainesville Fisher House Foundation. He also helped bring back a local tradition Bikers on Parade, a 400+ motorcycle parade raising funds for local vets.

Fast forward to 2015 & Studebaker Drivers Club International Meet in St. Louis.  Stephen was in attendance and learned of a parts cache for sale. A few weeks later, he purchased the parts and thus the rebirth of Stephen Allen’s LLC.

Since the SDC International Meet in St, Louis, Stephen Allen’s LLC has purchased numerous Studebaker parts dealers, begun reproduction of key items, and restocked their shelves with almost anything one would need to keep a Studebaker on the road.