1) Where is the shopping cart? Do you accept PayPal? Where do I enter my credit card information?

Stephen Allen’s does not offer any form of online payment at this time. We hope to offer this service in the near future.

2) I can’t find a part!

Just because you can’t find a part on-line doesn’t mean we don’t have it! Much of our inventory is on-line, but by no means all of it. We have many crates of un-inventoried & unidentified Studebaker parts in our warehouses. We also have many cars & trucks on site that are strictly parts vehicles. If you can’t find the part you’re looking for on-line, then drop us an e-mail with your parts request. Be sure to supply your vehicles body number & any other specific information we may need to help with your parts search.

3) There’s no description or price on an item listed online.

Many Studebaker items will not show an application or price. We are constantly working to refine our database of Studebaker parts to make the search easier for you, the Studebaker enthusiast. But, with over 17,000 different part numbers in our stock (and over 25,000 in our database) it’s quite hard to keep up. Please call or send us an e-mail about parts that are not priced on the website & we will be more than happy to assist you. Please include the part number with your e-mailed price request. We will continue to improve our database as our inventory grows & attemept to make your visit to mystudebaker.com as informative as possible. Check back often.

4) What does “Use Number” mean? What’s a “sub number”?

Many Studebaker part numbers sub into other Studebaker numbers. Furthermore, many reproduced items are assigned an altogether new item number. You can find cross references from original Studebaker numbers on these sub numbers on the Studebaker Sub Numbers pages. This link is found at the bottom left of every main catagory entry page.

5) The application for a part number is incomplete or incorrect .

With over 17,000 different part numbers in stock (and over 25,000 in our database), it’s hard to stay on top of every single item. Though most of the information on the website is accurate, there may be some items with incorrect or incomplete applications. In either case, trust the part number before the description & drop us an e-mail so we can make the correction.

6) What are the extensions & additions on some item numbers?

U = used item (Stephen Allen’s assigned suffix)
P = primed or painted (Studebaker assigned suffix)
W = chrome plate (Studebaker assigned suffix)
WP = chrome & paint (Studebaker assigned suffix)
V = gold plate (Studebaker assigned suffix)
VP = gold & paint (Studebaker assigned suffix)
VWP = chrome, gold & painted item (Studebaker assigned suffix)
R = rechromed – sometimes stands for rebuilt (Stephen Allen’s assigned suffix)
A, B, C = item conditions (A = best condition, B = 2nd best, ect.) ex: 274974UA, 274974UB = Used items where 274974UA is the best condition of the two (Stephen Allen’s assigned suffix)
N = internal use, disregard

7) What is the left side & what is the right side of my vehicle?

Left & right is determined as if you are sitting in the vehicle facing forward. Look to your right & that is the right side. Look to your left & that is the left side. Likewise, LHC stands for “left hand control” meaning the driver of the vehicle sits on the left side. RHC stands for “right hand control”. In this case the driver sits on the right side.

8) Does Stephen Allen’s need my vehicle’s VIN? Engine number? Body number?

Not necessarily, but in some cases we will need at least one of the following:

Car Body Number – On all postwar cars (and some prewar) the body number is embossed on a metal tag that can only be seen with the hood up. The tag is riveted or screwed to the cowl or firewall under the hood (on the passenger side). This number tells much about a car like the year, engine size, if it is a coupe or hardtop, sedan, the trim level, etc. The lower portion of the number is a production number. This number is also very helpful to us because sometimes parts differ for Studebakers made in the same year based on the production number.

Truck Body & VIN Number – Like the car’s body number, some trucks have the same metal tag embossed with the truck’s body number. This tag is located under the hood, on the cowl. If you can’t find this tag on the cowl, then your truck’s VIN is very helpful. The VIN is located on the front door jam of the driver’s side door & sometimes on the seat riser (also on the driver’s side.) It’s very important that you provide your truck’s VIN when inquiring about brake parts.

Engine Number – Engine numbers are located at the following locations:

6-cylinder car & truck engine numbers are usually located at the top front, left side of the cylinder block. This number is stamped on a machined pad.
V-8 car & truck engine numbers are usually located at the front, top left side or the cylinder block. This number is stamped on a machined pad.
*note: Engine numbers are never cast into the cylinder block. They will be embossed or stamped.

Other info we may need – Does you car have disc brakes or power steering? Does it have automatic transmission? If so, is it Flight-O-Matic or Studebaker Automatic? If standard, does it have overdrive? Is it a 3-speed or 4-speed? Column shift? What type of carb is on the car? Delco or Autolite distributor?

9) The web page is not displaying correctly!

We have done our best to provide you with a easy to navigate website that displays correctly. mystudebaker.com’s responsive design should work on most smart phones and tablets – smart phones work best when viewing landscape style. If you are experiencing problems viewing the site on a desktop or any other device, please e-mail.

10) I’m totally lost…

You’re not alone… give us a call at 352.472.9369 and we will help you find the parts you need!